Al Klotsche

The world needs me to stay positive and open to listening to opposing viewpoints for the purpose of finding a middle ground.  Seek first to understand before trying to be understood! ~Al Klotsche CEO...
Outsight Perspective: Asking Better Questions

Outsight Perspective: Asking Better Questions

Creative questions accompany and guide us as we peer into the mist of disruption, complexity, and chaos.  Good questions prompt us in the pursuit of what it means to build an enduring enterprise and what form future value might take.  But good questions also require...

Sam Hamstra

“My little part of the world needs me to be faithful to my calling to help congregations discern the pastors God is preparing for them.” ~Sam Hamstra, Jr. Executive Search Consultant

Rebecca Ryan

What the world needs me to do is to help people remember their True Nature, and to be a source of peace and strength for any and all who need it. ~Rebecca Ryan, APF NEXT Generation Consulting, Inc.

Sarah Eschbach

The world needs me to do the best I am able right where I am. My mission/ministry may not be big and grand, but caring for my family, my children, and the people around me can still make a difference. Loving people well, being willing to be vulnerable, being a safe...