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 Imagine picking up the phone and dialing a random person in your database. Why? To check in, see what’s happening        in that person’s life, and connect. Sound scary? Our CEO, Kay Edwards, embraces the challenge. She developed a               system that put someone’s contact information in front of her every day. She then reaches out through a phone call, or          through email, to ask our Question of the Year. This year’s question is, “What does the world most need you to do?”


    "I am working my hardest to answer how to best serve nonprofits who are forced to pivot their programming due to                   COVID-19. In this fast-paced, unprecedented time, how can I have the most value add during the unknown? How can I            support their efforts rather than resorting to best practices when that might not be the best answer?"

   ~Kenda Lovecchio, Founder, Kenda Lovecchio Consulting

      "I feel what the world most needs me to do today is that I continue to encourage and provide resources for leaders to               take care of themselves spiritually, emotionally, and physically in order to lead and serve others well!  We need                          leaders who "put on their own oxygen mask first" and lead from a solid foundation of health and resiliency.  As                           COVID continues to wreak havoc on individuals spiritually, emotionally, and physically, all (and we are all                                    leaders) need to be proactive in these key areas."

      ~Greg Schmill, Ministry Leadership Director, Grace in Action

      "I'd say, to love God while living out my calling."

      ~Greg Leith, CEO, Convene Business Performance + Eternal Perspective

“My satisfaction in the world comes not from the doing, but from the act of recruiting, mentoring and organizing a group to accomplish amazing results that none of us could have pulled off, by ourselves. I think that it is my highest and best use. I don’t want to be presumptuous but the world needs people focused not just on how to get through challenges, but to inspire a vision of a new way to think about the work and the world on the other side of challenges. Let go of the burden and race on to the new and different future. I’m actually getting paid to have this much fun.” ~Craig McGarry, Executive Vice President, Core Bank                          

“What does the world most need me to do? I suppose it would be to connect with my donors that care for our sisters and brothers in the furthest corners of the world, and let them know the impact they can have through their generosity. Especially in a time that we are in right now, where LWR and IMA World Health are perfectly positioned to be a major player in limiting the outbreak of Covid-19 in Africa, and create the health care systems to care for those that are infected. I feel fortunate to be perfectly positioned as I am.” ~Michael Johnson, Donor Advisor / Regional Representative, Lutheran World Relief

“I believe the world needs me to listen to stories, carefully and reflectively; and then to help find meaning and purpose from the stories told. This is what the world needs: understanding that comes through truly caring and listening to others who make up this world. I’m told I bring a calmness to circumstances. I’m grateful for that gift and will do so as long as the LORD allows. I think the world needs me to bring that calm, as well.”~Nancy Leafblad, Pastoral Care Services Coordinator (Chaplain), Mercyhealth Hospital and Trauma Center

“I think the world most needs me to motivate. Whether personally or professionally, I see the most common demand around me to be a motivator in relationships. “~Josh Filo, Head of Business Development, TESCHGlobal

“The world most needs me to follow my passion for writing. I have found the most fulfillment and experienced the most passion when I’ve had the regular opportunity to interview people, capture their stories, and share them with wide and diverse audiences. The world’s under-served and under-privileged can always use more advocates. Advocacy through storytelling is what I hope to do throughout the rest of my career, God willing!” ~ Anonymous

“The world needs me to volunteer for more hours to get unregistered voters registered.” ~ Anonymous