Sometimes you’re so close to it you can’t see it…

We value what you do.

We know that leaders face unrelenting challenges. Especially leaders who value mission as much as they do the bottom line. Are you a leader who understands the power asking good questions, thinking strategically, and stewarding your resources wisely? We appreciate you.

Five Questions Every Leader Should Ask

Great leaders don’t have better answers – they ask better questions. Find out the five questions every leader should ask.

We see what others don’t…yet.

“Outsight” means the power of perceiving external things. We bring an outside perspective and seasoned experience. We start by listening. We help you hear what your constituents are really saying. We turn your knowledge into understanding, your understanding into action, and your action into mission success.


We offer a full suite of audience research services, so you can understand your audience better and know how to meet their needs.

Strategic Thinking

Our network includes some of the best consulting experts in the country, in multiple specialties, so you always have access to the right thinking partner.


We have hundreds of implementation resources we know and trust. So you can work with the right expert, at the right time, in the right place, and for the right price.

What Our Clients Say

Outsight integrated strong qualitative and quantitative research with a Holy Spirit inspired artfulness in discerning the very essence of our brand.

Ben M. – Conference Center Executive Director

Outsight Network is really bright, experienced, and deeply knowledgeable about working within a faith context. Excellent, quality work and attention to detail are impressive.

Brenda S. – Foundation President