Donor Research Product Descriptions

Understand your donors through every stage of their relationship journey

Each donor’s journey with your organization is unique. We offer the following research tools to make cultivating that relationship – and raising money – easier and more effective.

 Use these tools to measure giving capacity in the early stages of the donor relationship

Zip Code Wealth Analysis

We analyze the wealth data of your top donors, using census data, and use this information to estimate the giving capacity of others in your database. This finds untapped giving potential among existing donors.

Wealth and Giving Screen

We screen your donors records for wealth and giving patterns, using multiple information sources. You get information that will tell you which prospects have the greatest capacity to give and the greatest history of generosity.

Marketplace Giving Analysis

 We measure the total amount of giving from your community to organizations like yours. You will know with greater certainty how generous your community is, and if your fundraising expectations are realistic.

Data Enhancement

We add household-level wealth and lifestyle information to your donor records so you have vital, up-to-date information to make decisions on giving capacity. This includes NCOA updates.

Focus on high priority donors with these prioritization tools.

Zip Code Wealth Segmentation

 We sort your donor records from highest to lowest based on census data on household income. This information allows you to focus on donors that have the greatest capacity to give at high levels.

RFM Segmentation

 A sophisticated segmentation strategy that shows you exactly which of your donors to focus on, and how to improve response in each segment, based on past behaviors. This is the technique that the largest organizations in the world use to optimize giving.

Major Gift Predictive Model

Cutting-edge data mining that finds hidden major gift potential in your database. We create a custom model for your organization, using your unique donor data. *This service requires Data Enhancement as a prerequisite.

Annual Fund Predictive Model

We rate each record in your database based on how likely they are to increase their annual fund giving. This customized model is built on your unique data. *This service requires Data Enhancement as a prerequisite.

Planned Gift Predictive Model

We use data mining techniques to identify potential planned giving prospects. We build this customized predictive model based on your unique donor data and giving history. *This service requires Data Enhancement as a prerequisite.

Leverage social capital to build strong relationships with donors.

Individual Prospect Strategy Maps

Discover, and see in a visual map, the personal, professional, and charitable relationships of your top donor prospects. These relationship maps can help you understand the best cultivation strategy for each prospect. Reach your top donors more efficiently.

Leadership Relationship Map

 We compile and create a visual map of the personal, professional, and charitable relationships of your board and volunteer leadership. This map shows you which leaders are best positioned to lead you to current, potential, and new donors.

Donor Network Analysis

 Combine your individual prospect and leadership maps into a comprehensive view of your donor network. Know who to cultivate first, and who knows who. Maps show you the “shortest” relationship distance between your leadership team and your top donor prospects. *This service requires Individual and Leadership Maps as a prerequisite.

Build confidence when preparing to ask for a major gift.

Major Donor Prospect Briefing

 A one-page summary of critical information you need about major donors, including personal history, giving history, and professional background, organized into an easy-to-use format.

In-Depth Prospect Dossier

 A deep-dive into a prospect’s personal, professional, charitable, and financial profile. This comprehensive report includes an estimate of a prospect’s net worth and recommendations for gift strategy.

In-Depth Foundation Profile

 A detailed report of giving interest, grant history, and leadership profiles of a single foundation. This report shows you how to approach a foundation and how they align with your mission.

Fill your major donor pipeline with high quality prospects.

Major Donor Prospect ID

 Identify a list of major donor prospects with a strong likelihood of aligning with your mission, based on the giving patterns of your current donors. We analyze charitable affiliations and look for concentrations of giving interest, then identify other individuals who share those giving interests and have a proven history of major giving.

Foundation Prospect ID

 Identify a list of foundations that align with your mission, based on their grant history, and accept applications from organizations like yours.

Donor Relationship Strategy Counsel

 Get personalized strategic advice on your unique donor challenges from our senior research strategies. Use the one-on-one time in any way that is helpful to you and your team.

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