Build life-long loyalty

Establish an emotional relationship with your customers

According to a recent study, customers with an emotional relationship with a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value and will recommend the company at a rate of 71%, rather than the average rate of 45%.

Do you know what your customers think and feel about your organization? Do you know why they buy from you, or give to support your mission if you are a nonprofit? Do you do a better job of meeting their needs than other organizations?

Mission-driven leaders come to Outsight™​ to help them answer their toughest questions about their customers or donors.

Outsight™ offers a full complement of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, everything you need to get real answers to your toughest questions. We know how to put together a research approach that produces the knowledge you need to move forward with confidence, while working within your budget and timeline.

We offer a comprehensive array of research services:

  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Brand Awareness
  • New Product/Service Testing
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Benchmark Studies
  • Program Evaluation

We have significant experience in a full range of research methodologies:

  • In-Depth Interviews
  • In Person and Online Focus Groups
  • Web, Mail, and Phone Surveys
  • Data Analytics
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Environmental Scanning
  • Literature Review
  • Usability Testing

See things from an Outsight Perspective™.

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