Outsight Perspective™

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Outsight Perspective™: A place for leaders to find clarity in complex times

For senior leaders seeking kingdom impact, an Outsight Perspective™ is a proven framework for spirit-led, business-focused discernment. We take the complex and make it clear and actionable.

When your organization is facing a new level of complexity that you have not experienced before, in those critical moments when you know you shouldn’t make decisions without an outside voice, an Outsight​ Perspective™ is a place to seek clarity, and a proven framework to help you discern your next clear step.

Over a day, in a retreat-like setting on Lake Michigan, you and one or two of your senior team will spend time in a facilitated discernment process, led by Kay Edwards, CEO of Outsight Network™. With more than 30 years of experience working with senior leaders of for-profit and nonprofit organizations, clients come to Kay for her ability to ask the right questions and quickly see clarity within complexity.


What is an Outsight Perspective™?

It is a guided process that begins with pointed questions about your organization, its leadership, its structure, its marketplace, and the challenges you are facing. Together, we focus in on root causes and gain insight on the nature of the challenges and leverage points for addressing the challenges and develop key questions to be answered. Along the way we leave time for individual reflection, discernment, and Holy Spirit direction. You can take advantage of the private beach, a walk through the woods, or spend quiet time in Outsight’s™ welcoming, reflective studio space.

From there we use a proven thinking framework to distill the outsights we have gained into a clear path forward. You will leave the day having identified your next clear step, whether that is clarity about a strategic direction, a set of questions that need to be answered and certainty about how to answer them, or a sense of peace that you have considered all of your options and are following God’s lead.


What does an Outsight Perspective™ look like?

Every challenge or opportunity is different. Every organization brings its own unique set of circumstances and its own type of complexity. However, we have learned through hundreds of engagements with organizational leaders that a guided process of learning, questioning, discernment, framing, and decision-making will yield the kind of clarity that enables leaders to move forward.

The process looks like this.

At each step, we capture your thoughts, reflections, and decisions in a written summary of the days’ work, and share it with you after the session.

At the end of the process you will have a summary of your work. More importantly, you will walk away knowing exactly what to do next, and because you have taken the time to seek Holy Spirit direction, with the help of guided facilitation, you can be confident in the direction, even in the most complex of times.

See things from an Outsight Perspective™.

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