Core Team

These people are the heart and soul of Outsight Network™. Each person plays a key role in the daily activities of Outsight Network™. While everyone brings different talents to the table, we all unite to provide the best service possible.

After 40 years of farming, Dennis DeMaster is bringing his masterful accounting skills to Outsight Network™ as our Accounts Receivable Manager. Instead of hogs, grains and vegetables, Dennis is immersed in all things financial here. Dennis is the father of three grown children and is blessed with eight grandchildren. His son and family are continuing to operate the farm so it will stay in the DeMaster family. Dennis and his wife, Margaret, helped found Harvest Church in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 25 years ago. Both of them are actively involved in their church, with Dennis serving as the volunteer accountant for the past five years. We appreciate Dennis’ attention to detail, calm demeanor and wisdom.

Known by her colleagues and clients as “The Question Lady,” Kay Edwards is founder and CEO of Outsight Network™. Kay has the expert ability to ask important questions, bring clarity to complex situations and create practical, impactful solutions for clients. She has more than 20 years of experience in marketing research, planning and organizational development. Kay is recognized as a national leader in research among faith-based and denominational institutions.  She is certified as an Executive Process Consultant. Kay actively participates in her church and hosts, a blog about the meaning of grace in our lives and communities. She has a music degree from Wheaton College in Illinois, an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has done graduate work in English/Creative Writing. Kay and her family are kept on their toes with Ranger, their Black Mouth Cur dog. He can often be found sharing Kay’s chair as she works at her computer. The world most needs Kay to ask good questions and make the answers clear.

A key member of our team is a Black Mouth Cur dog named Ranger.  Ranger lives with our president and her family in a home overlooking Lake Michigan. Black Mouth Curs are bred to work hard and take care of their family. Ranger does his best to keep an eye on everything from project deadlines to laundry…his mom taught him how to do laundry! (Ok, not the washing and drying part but the sorting part.) He is a master at putting dirty laundry into the laundry basket. When Ranger is outside (one of his favorite places to be!) he is either chasing wildlife, going on walks through the woods with his dad or, believe it or not, running next to his mom while she rides her scooter! He is just as busy inside; he keeps an eye on everyone and everything from his favorite chair. A delivery driver coming to the door or a rabbit racing through the yard both elicit the same level of attention…lots of barking. We love having Ranger as part of our team; just like the rest of the team, we can count on him to work hard and deliver great service.

A keen eye for the written word makes Marketing Coordinator Sarah Kerkman‘s heart sing. She also tries to proofread as much as is humanly possible. Her responsibilities include writing, researching, editing, and interviewing. Her ability to talk to people throughout the country brings depth to our work. Sarah has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She previously worked in corporate communications and was editor of a newspaper for senior citizens. Sarah currently serves as Senior Warden at her Episcopal church and is an active community volunteer. Her four children are all in their 20s and she is delighted to have survived the teenage years relatively unscathed. The world most needs Sarah to listen to and engage people in meaningful conversation.

Rebecca Mattox, Project Coordinator, is our organizational queen. She is a whiz at keeping an eye on things and somehow manages to keep us all on track, making sure we’re headed in the right direction. She is also an expert at prospect research and her talents in that area are invaluable to us and our clients. A Wisconsin native, Rebecca spent two years at UW-La Crosse. Funny thing happened along the way; she met her future husband in Milwaukee one summer and then transferred to Marquette University to finish her degree in Biological Sciences. Rebecca and her husband, Sam, married in 2011 and are members of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Milwaukee. When Rebecca is not working with our team or training her golden doodle puppy she enjoys knitting and cooking. The world most needs Rebecca to be a steward of nature, focusing on caring for the plants, animals and people in her community, while offering her time and resources to organizations that do the same.

Samuel Mattox, Outsight Network’s™ Research Associate, specializes in deep-dive online research projects. He also likes to get his hands on writing and editing work whenever possible. Samuel earned his B.A. in English Writing at Marquette University, and enjoys frequent opportunities to lend support to the team’s writing and editing process. Husband to Rebecca, Outsight Network’s™ Project Coordinator, Samuel is also a member of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Milwaukee. At home, he enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and spoiling the dog. The world most needs Samuel to be a vocal leader.

Calm, cool and collected aptly define our Operations Manager, Michelle Skoien. No matter what happens, her calm demeanor handles everything with grace. Michelle and her husband have two young children plus assorted animals in their house, ensuring a daily dose of who-knows-what. Michelle and her family belong to the UCC church in Shorewood, Wisconsin.